Astri : what will you do next holiday?
Silvin: I want to go to Palembang, what about you?
Astri : I will go on holiday to my grandmother's house
Silvin: how will you do it?
Astri : I will go by train, if you how to do it?
Silvin: I will visit my friend's house when will you holiday?
Astri : I'm leaving for the weekend
Silvin: who will you do it with?
Astri : With my family, you will go to Palembang with whom?
Silvin: with my family, why are you planning?
Astri : because I want to see the Ampera bridge, what if we vacation together during              school holidays?
Silvin: a good idea we will go to Palembang together during school holidays.
Astri : okay, have a nice holiday
Silvin: okay, your holiday too

inspiring person

Coco ChanelCoco Chanel(born by name Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel  in Saumur FranceAugust 19, 1883 – January 10, 1971 (age 87) Paris, France ) .Coco Chanel is one of the world's most revolutionary fashion designers and perfumers. One of his most famous innovations is Chanel no. 5 which was launched in 1932. The number 5 is Coco Chanel's favorite number and all new product collections are always launched on the fifth day of each month.

In 1970, Chanel perfume No. 19 is launched and the name is taken from the date of birth. The perfume was the first branded perfume from the name of a Chanel fashion designer, and from then on many other designers followed suit. Coco Chanel just a poor girl from a veggie merchant family in a small market in France. Since the age of 6, mother Coco died. After the death of his mother, Coco attended a Catholic dormitory. At the dormitory, the success story of the woman born in France, August 19, 1883 it started. In the summer, Coco practiced sewing in dormi…

my last holiday

gathering with family In this vacation my family and I do not go where we live at home just spend time together. this holiday is very boring in my opinion because my first school holidays just slept in the room and watching korean drama actually i really want to go wrong one natural tour that was in the valley but because my sister's child sick so we decided not to go. My daily life during the holidays is very enjoyable wake up morning, shower, breakfast, watch korean drama, lunch, watch korean drama, to sleep soundly. That is my daily life during the holidays.
 On the eve of the new year I do not know if my sister bought sauce, chicken, corn for the full and I covered the family with sausage, chicken, corn while waiting for the end of 2017. because sleepy I was sleeping for a while and awakened by my mother that Jam was showing 00.00 WELCOME TO MY NEW YEAR My sister Turned the firecrackers afterwards we all slept.
   The next day I do not have any plans, I think maybe today is th…

narrative teks

Teks organizations
Language features Orientations In a forest an eagle lived on a tree. It had constructed a nest wherein to lay its eggs. There the eagle would certainly hatch its eggs throughout the day. Under the same tree there lived a hen. The hen had also laid eggs throughout the very same period when the eagle had actually laid its eggs.
1)Who ·Eagle ·Chicks ·eagle boy ·bear ·hen 2)where ·In the forest ·Under the tree

holiday conversation

silvin : what will you do next holiday ?
Astri  :I want to take a vacation to korea , how about you ?
silvin :I will go on holiday my grandmother's house .
Astri  :how will you do it ?
silvin :I will go with my family using a private vehicle , if you how to do it ?
Astri  : I will visit korean palace , when will you do the holidays ?
silvin : I will leave during school holidays.
Astri  : with whom will you do it ?
silvin : with my family , you will go to korea with whom ?
Astri  : with my family , why do you plan ?
silvin : because I want to visit my grandmother there , why are you planning to get together a vacation to korea
Astri  : because I really like k pop so I was thinking of going to korea

LDKS (Latihan Dasar kepemimpinan Siswa)

on Thursday 21 September 2017, SMA 3 bandung activities that must be followed by a class x in Pussenif TNI AD jl.Wr.supratman students gathered at 06.30 pm old man just drive to the gate.

There we lined up and divided into groups so we held the opening ceremony Setealh's idea was over we were directed to enter the room like the hall there we were given material by the soldiers who were cut off because we were taken to the spaciousness to photograph the memories memories after we finished back again to the hall to be given the material more around 12.00 we rest for lunch and dzuhur prayer after lunch and our prayer takes our gear to the barracks after that we go to the hall and continue the material until we pray our prayers and continue our bath after bathing we are told to wear blue shirt and pants pdl after that we went back to the hall to continue the material until the night and cuttings of prayer evening and isa after the material settled around 22:00 pm we went…

Amazing places in the world : chittorgarh fort , india

Chittorgarh (Chittaurgarh) is the epitome of Rajput pride, romance and spirit. It reverberates with history of heroism and sacrifice, which is evident as it echoes with the tales sung by the Bards of Rajasthan. The main reason for visiting Chittorgarh is its massive hilltop fort, which is a depiction of Rajput culture and values. The fort of Chittor is regarded as one of the most outstanding forts of the country and is indeed the "Pride of Rajasthan State". The formidable fort is perched atop a 180 meter high hillock covering a massive area of 700 acres and is a standing sentinel to the courage and valour of Chittorgarh. It is belived that the fort was build by the Mauryans in 7th century and further strucres were added to it by the successive Mewar rulers. The one mile long serpentine road to the fort is quite steep and exhastive. The fort is approached through seven huge gateways or 'pols', which are guarded by watch tower and massive iron spiked doors. Chittorgar…