Conversation at the party

Astri : Hi, did we ask we've never met  ?
Silvin : Hi , yeah , we've never met before
Astri : may I introduce myslef ?
            I'm astri lestari
Silvin : my name is silvin silviani
Astri : a good name
Silvin : thank you
Astri : how do I call you
Silvin : can you vall me silvin and I have to call You what ?
Astri : jusy call me Astri
Silvin : nice to meet you
Astri : happy to meet you too. Where are you from ?
Silvin : I come from Bandung
Astri : I also come from Bandung
Silvin : I have to go , see you again
Astri : okay , see you later

it's me

hello, my name is Astri lestari I was born in Bandung on 15 September 2002, I live in jl.cijerah gg saluyu 2 rt 03/rw04 kelurahan cijerah kecamatan Bandung kulon , I am female , I am muslim , I went to tunas mekar kingdergaden  in cijerah  ,I went to cijerah indah  elementary school  ,and junior high school 39 Bandung . now I forwad to Public High School  3 Bandung , a round face with narrow eyes and pug nose , my hobby sports . I am the fifth child of six siblings . my father is name Sukarman and my mother is name Ai sumarni I have four sisters and one sister . first sisiter Marlinda astuti  she is  married and have there children , my second brother name is Novi surahman is married and has two children , my third brother name is Chandra suryawirawan already married not have children , my four brother name is Resti septiani is married and have one child and my sister name is Vani avdila she is still attending junior high school. When I went to junior high school I once fell from the sc…